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GoldBio/Lysozyme, Egg White/100 g/L-040-100

GoldBio/Lysozyme, Egg White/100 g/L-040-100
  • GoldBio/Lysozyme, Egg White/100 g/L-040-100

Lysozyme is an enzyme capable of breaking down the bacterial cell wall, and is typically used to enhance protein extractions or nucleic acid extractions. It works by hydrolyzing the 1,4-β-linkages located between the N-acetylmuramic acid and the N-acetyl-D-glucosamine residues in peptidoglycan.

Gram-positive cells have an increased susceptibility to the actions of lysozyme since gram-positive cells have a higher quantity of peptidoglycan in the cell wall. Gram-negative cells are less vulnerable, but can still be hydrolyzed in the presence of EDTA.

Product SpecificationsLysozyme, Egg White


Storage/Handling: Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles


About GoldBio:

GoldBio Research

Gold Biotechnology shares a vision with every researcher: Each facet of life science research will introduce us to a future of impactful discovery and learning, benefiting the entire world. And our vision will materialize sooner if a researcher’s passion is not sullied by worry over the quality of their reagents, especially the cost for quality. This is why we’re here! We believe in a future of change and prosperity, and we want to help you get there by being a resource for high-quality products at exceptional prices. By providing our customers with only the best chemicals possible, tested in GoldBio labs to assure our own quality specifications are met, you can be sure your research will go off without a hitch.

Mission Statement:

"At GoldBio, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, vendors and strategic partners through quality of products, excellent service and attention to detail. Our sustainable business model and relationships with others in the supply chain allow us to provide researchers and scientists with uniquely low prices, while maintaining the highest quality in the industry. We stand behind all our products to the fullest extent with the hope that they will be used in discoveries that benefit all."

Our Philosophy:

Provide the highest quality product
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We look toward the future with hope as we send out our products with the intent that they will be used in great discovery. We are a small company dedicated to the success of those whom we supply. So we provide high-quality low cost materials to scientists and researchers. We give our customers the best so they can discover, invent, and innovate. Because that is what it is about for us...The Discovery.

Commitment to Quality:

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality products available. We test our products from our network of trusted global suppliers to assure they meet our quality specifications. We stand behind all of our products knowing that our reputation lies on the success of your experiments.


Dr. Paul Gold

During the 1980s, Dr. Paul Gold stepped out from behind the bench believing researchers needed a low-cost, high-quality alternative for chemicals and reagents. Recognizing his knack for business, he began brewing the idea for a company during a time when startup incubators were nearly unheard of, and the Internet, social media and crowdfunding didn’t exist. Armed with a supportive wife, generous family members and helpful people within his network, Dr. Gold established GoldBio in 1986.

The original main office was situated in the former St. Louis Technology Center (now the location for the St. Louis Science Center), while the first lab space was located at St. Louis University. The ambitious startup began its journey selling three products: IPTG, X-Gal and X-Gluc.

Now, after almost 30 years, GoldBio has evolved significantly, expanding its catalog from three products to more than 3000 products. Throughout its history, GoldBio’s success has relied on its commitment to the success of those whom we supply. At GoldBio, we believe that putting our quality products in capable hands leads to discoveries that impact the entire world。



1.       首先确定针的入口点。
2.       在膝关节的上部横跨腹部画一条想像的线。
3.       针应该沿着动物右侧这条线并贴近中间插入。(对于雌鼠,针的入口点位于最后一个乳头稍靠中间的部位。)
4.       针从小鼠的右侧插入避开盲肠,盲肠是腹部左侧一个大的充满液体的器官。小肠(位于右侧)不大可能被针刺穿。
5.       针的插入从插入点离尾部或横向太远如上显示将是危险的,可能会注射到后腿里,这样将会造成肌肉组织受伤。
6.       为完成腹腔注射,必须很好地控制好小鼠以防在操作过程中移动。一旦针插入到腹部避免器官受损伤。
7.       控制好小鼠并倾斜以便使其头向下,腹部露出来。
8.       用70%乙醇对注射位点进行彻底消毒。
9.       对于腹部注射我们建议用25-27 gauge直径的针,以30度角度插入腹部。
10.   针应插入大约半厘米(4-5mm)的深度。
11.   轻轻地吸出以确认针没有穿透血管,肠或膀胱。
   a.       褐绿色吸出物表示针插进了小肠。
   b.       黄色吸出物暗示针插进了膀胱。
12.   如果任何液体被吸出,表示您的溶液被污染了必须弃掉并用一个新的注射器和针头重新操作。
13.   如果没有液体被吸出,你可以开始注射。
14.   取出针头并记录下注射的时间,以确定信号达峰时间。
按照小鼠腹腔注射操作流程。对于大鼠我们建议用一个25 gauge 直径的针头注射。
l  确保针是倾斜的。
l  使动物的头倾斜向下为了使肠内物向下移动,以保持腹部四分区下部为空腔。
l  为了精确注射深度防止深层注射,我们建议放一根导管在针头上留出4-5mm为合适的深度。
l  确保注射体积,我们建议小鼠不超过2ml,大鼠不超过5ml(请参看附录关于不同动物和位点的不同注射体积。)
l  给大鼠注射时,用布盖在大鼠的头部防止小鼠和研究人员紧张。
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