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GoldBio/DEFB1, Human/5 μg/1190-01-5

GoldBio/DEFB1, Human/5 μg/1190-01-5
  • GoldBio/DEFB1, Human/5 μg/1190-01-5

GoldBio growth factors are manufactured for RESEARCH USE ONLY and cannot be sold for human consumption!

RecombinantHuman Defensin,Beta 1BD1,DEFB-1, HBD-1

Human beta-defensin 1 (DEFB1) is an antimicrobial peptide that contributes to the innate and adaptive immune system and is active against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Like the other β-defensins, DEFB1 is a small protein that contains a motif consisting of six cysteine residues which form three intramolecular disulfide bridges. It is constitutively expressed in epithelial cells, mainly of the kidney and the female reproductive tract, as well as in monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells. DEFB1 is a cationic peptide and interacts with the membranes of invading microbes, which are negatively charged due to the presence of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) or lipoteichoic acid (LTA). LTA and LPS have higher affinity for DEFB1 than for Ca+2 and Mg+2 ions. The larger defensin molecule displaces the smaller ion, changing the membrane structure and affecting the stability of the membrane; this can lead to the formation of pores and subsequent depolarization or lysis. The primary role of DEFB1 is believed to be prevention of microbial colonization on epithelia. Inhibition of DEFB1 by high salt concentration may play a role in the pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis. DEFB1 may also play a role in the pathogenesis of severe sepsis.

Sterile Filtered White lyophilized powder. Purified and tested for use in cell culture.

Source: Escherichia coli

MW: ~5.1 kDa (47 aminoacids)

Purity: >98% by SDS-PAGEand HPLC analyses.

Biological Activity: Fully biologically active when compared to standard. The biological activity determined by a chemotaxis bioassay using CD34+ dendritic cells is in a concentration range of 100-1000 ng/ml.

Storage/Handling: Store desiccated at-20°C.

HGNC: 2766


Additional resources for this protein may be found at:OMIM


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During the 1980s, Dr. Paul Gold stepped out from behind the bench believing researchers needed a low-cost, high-quality alternative for chemicals and reagents. Recognizing his knack for business, he began brewing the idea for a company during a time when startup incubators were nearly unheard of, and the Internet, social media and crowdfunding didn’t exist. Armed with a supportive wife, generous family members and helpful people within his network, Dr. Gold established GoldBio in 1986.

The original main office was situated in the former St. Louis Technology Center (now the location for the St. Louis Science Center), while the first lab space was located at St. Louis University. The ambitious startup began its journey selling three products: IPTG, X-Gal and X-Gluc.

Now, after almost 30 years, GoldBio has evolved significantly, expanding its catalog from three products to more than 3000 products. Throughout its history, GoldBio’s success has relied on its commitment to the success of those whom we supply. At GoldBio, we believe that putting our quality products in capable hands leads to discoveries that impact the entire world。



Gold Biotechnology公司成立于1986年,最初总办公室位于前圣路易斯技术中心,第一个实验室位于于圣路易斯大学。这家公司最初只销售三款产品:IPTGX-GalX-Gluc。经过30多年的发展,现有产品多达3000种,Gold Biotechnology致力于为客户提供优质的产品,为客户提供优质的服务,我们相信优质的产品放在有能力的人手中会带来影响世界的发现。Gold Biotechnology与每位研究人员都有一个共同的愿景:使整个世界受益。 如果研究人员的热情不会因担心他们的试剂质量,尤其是质量成本而受到玷污,我们的愿景将更快实现。 这就是为什么Gold Biotechnology在这里! Gold Biotechnology相信变革和繁荣的未来,Gold Biotechnology希望通过以优惠的价格成为高质量产品的资源来帮助您实现目标。 

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